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3 Little Shifts that Made a Huge Difference Attracting Paying Customers

Is your Facebook fan page attracting paying customers? When you have an online business you’re very eager to help others and serve them with your gifts. So you start by

How To Add Text Caption To Facebook Videos

How do I add text caption to Facebook Videos? I asked myself this question while seating in the waiting room at the doctor’s office recently and decided to entertain myself

3 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Post Engagement

Facebook post engagement, something that most digital entrepreneur struggle with at the beginning. Not interested in being a Facebook ads expert while feeling you’re making a mistake on your Facebook page?

Top 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Convert Followers To Customers

Quick question for you… Do you know the reasons why your Facebook fan page fails? Since you first set up your page, you put in the time and effort to grow it, get

How To Avoid Compromising Your WordPress Website

“My Wordpress website is sending spam emails to my subscribers. Help I don’t know how to make it stop.” Does this sound like what’s been happening on your website? In a movie,

How To Speed Up Your Website

Need help to speed up your website? The worst thing that can happen when someone visits your website is that your images and other contents take forever to load. It’s frustrating

Quick and Easy Way To Change Your Username

Do you ever change your username on WordPress? Don’t be shy, is your current WordPress username “admin”? When you set up your WordPress website, unless you  specify something else, WordPress chooses “admin” or

3 Signs That Your Website Is Hacked & How To Avoid Them

Is your website acting weird? In today’s online business world, having a WordPress website is essential. You’re busy enough running your business, suddenly one day your website is acting like

How To Remove Backgrounds From Old Images You Already Own

On the last blog discussing lead magnets, 3 Ideas For The Perfect Opt-In, I gave you some tips to get your creative juice flowing for your perfect lead magnet.  Part

4 Surefire Ways To Stay Safe On Public Wi-Fi

One of the things that Entrepreneurs struggle with is being too comfortable at home, and not being able to get any work done.  That’s when you pack your laptop and