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A One-on-One Strategy Session Designed to Help You (FINALLY) Turn Your Social Media Efforts Into Increased DEMANDS & DOLLARS For Your Business

Increase Your Online and Social Media Engagement In 72 Hours and Attract New Leads The Smart Way.

By The End Of The Session You’ll Have: 

A Social Media Evaluation (Completed by Me–Webly, The Tech Maven) to pinpoint the areas you can improve.

Your social media evaluation begins with extended private time with me! In preparation for our time together, I’ll send you an assessment questionnaire to gauge the four most important parts of your social media marketing efforts. If you’re like most companies, you’re probably only leveraging a fraction of the power of social media. During this extensive audit, I’ll uncover what’s not working and show you how to fix it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and uncover opportunities that are unique to YOU and your brand. I’ll also show you how to conduct a 10-minute audit in the future to identify where tweaks are needed depending on your engagement goals.

A customized list of tools to create content and automate your social media management.

If you’re here, you already know that content is king. Creating content fast allows you to reach your target audience quicker and often. You don’t have to be a pro to design images that convert. I’ll share my techniques to design with your clients in mind. After this session, you’ll know the tools I use to build authority and credibility, engage, and nurture my ideal clients and loyal customers, and spread my message consistently so you can do the same. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel. Simply using what’s already working is the way to go.

A process to identify where your customers are on online to engage your audience and a list of 3 specific places to start.

If you don’t know who your ideal customer is and what they’re willing to buy, this session is right for you.You first need to know who your target market is down to their age, gender, and income. You’re really in touch with them when you know their hobbies, the shows they watch and the books they read.Finding traffic online is an art and a science and one source of traffic doesn’t fit all businesses. Depending on your business, your target market may gravitate more towards different platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’ll show you how to identify your ideal client and find out where they’re hanging out online so you can start connecting with them fast.

Strategies to funnel that traffic to your website to build your email subscriber list and earn more revenue.

Regardless of what business you’re in, you have a process in place to get leads, convert those leads to buyers and get those buyers to buy more and buy more than once. In this digital age, your process can be accelerated so you can earn more revenue faster. Once you know who your target market is and where to find them, you need strategies to convert them into recurring income. I’ll show you how to funnel that traffic from social media platforms to your website so you can engage with them via email and follow them online until they buy. I offer an extremely specific technique to turn on the traffic whenever you need.

Why Me?

When Facebook came around, I didn’t waste any time and jumped on the opportunity to use this amazing tool to engage potential clients. I’ve been rocking the digital space for 7+ years and with every wave of innovation, I eagerly learned and applied new technologies and consistently blogged and posted on Facebook to reach my audience and You! My work caught the attention of Vaynermedia and earned me a spot as co-host on the #AskGaryVee show in New York.I’ve also joined the ranks of Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, and Gary Vaynerchuck as guests of Marie Forleo. Who’s absolutely amazing, by the way! I consistently invest in acquiring knowledge and look forward to showing you how I amassed a huge tribe of more than 10K fans on Facebook.

I’m a product of my product. Since you’re reading this, rest assured that it works! Now is the time to let it work for You!
This One-on-One offer is a way for me to roll-up my sleeves and help others in my community. I plan on working with ONLY 5 businesses per month.

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This social media strategy session is a customized assessment to identify process improvements in your social media efforts. I’ll provide detailed, written recommendations and action steps to reach more of your ideal market and convert them into cheerfully paying clients in record time.
Are you ready to make it happen?

You’re ready for this strategy session if:

  • You’re willing to invest in your knowledge and understand there’s got to be a better, simplified way to implement all that you’ve learned so far.
  • You’re so close and yet so far from realizing your goals and need someone to point out the tweaks that will make a huge difference.
  • You’re ready to find and engage your audience in a way that confirms you’re adding value to a community you love.
  • You’re seeking clarity, accountability, and specificity in your game plan that provides measurable results so you know you’re not wasting time
  • You’re willing to get your ideas out of your head and into the hands of paying clients in a format and design they can appreciate.

You’re not ready for this strategy session if:

  • You’re not willing to invest in actionable steps you’ll most certainly have to take to reach your goals.
  • You’re a know- it -all who thinks only big steps matter and can’t fathom that minor tweaks will make a huge difference collectively.
  • You’re only in it for the money and don’t care about adding value and serving others.
  • You’re unwilling to be consistent in churning out content for your ideal clients.
  • You’re into shiny objects and will jump to the next available tactic that unravels all the work you’ve done before giving your strategies a chance.