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4 fast and easy WordPress security hacks you need if you DIY your website

The thought of anyone hacking my website and slowly tearing it down page by page without my knowledge makes me so stressed that I wouldn’t be able to sleep for

How To Avoid Compromising Your WordPress Website

“My Wordpress website is sending spam emails to my subscribers. Help I don’t know how to make it stop.” Does this sound like what’s been happening on your website? In a movie,

3 Signs That Your Website Is Hacked & How To Avoid Them

Is your website acting weird? In today’s online business world, having a WordPress website is essential. You’re busy enough running your business, suddenly one day your website is acting like

How To Remove Backgrounds From Old Images You Already Own

On the last blog discussing lead magnets, 3 Ideas For The Perfect Opt-In, I gave you some tips to get your creative juice flowing for your perfect lead magnet.  Part