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I’ve created many opt-ins but this one created when I relaunched my website converts like crazy. It generated 128 leads in 20 days with ZERO paid ads.

opt-in example 1

If you don't have an opt-in on your website ( also called freemium, freebie, lead magnet), you don't want to make money, and you're missing out on the opportunity to start creating a list of buyers. Click To Tweet

An opt-in is free information you provide that answers one question, solves one problem or provides a concrete example in exchange for access to someone’s inbox.

The single biggest mistake newbie online entrepreneurs make is to launch a new website then start working on their first product.  “Money loves speed,” but if you have no idea who this product is for, whether or not they need this product,  you are speeding to a place of frustration with zero sales when you finally launch a product

Before you dive into the opt-in examples, have you identified who your ideal customer is, your customer avatar as commonly called?

Identifying who your ideal customer is, is the first step in creating highly converting opt-ins. You first need to know where she is in her business, what she already knows, and precisely what she will buy from you.  I’ve made this easy for you. I’ve prepared a freebie that helps you determine who your customers are, where they’re hanging out and what they will buy.client avatar worksheet

Now, let’s look at six examples of opt-ins who do it right.

  1. Audio Training

    If you’re a natural talker, you show up regularly on social media doing live streams; it makes sense like for Marie Forleo to use audio training to persuade people to learn strategies that will help them create a business and life they love.

    opt-in example 2

  2. Ultimate Guides

    Ultimate guides are very common lead magnets. The most useful ones are incredibly detailed, provide a guide or serve as a cheat sheet that people can use as a reference. Here’s an example from Bushra Azhar’s The Persuasion Revolution.

  3. Discounts

    Everyone loves a significant discount because they are the perfect instant gratification and an easy way to sample doing business with you. If you have an e-commerce store selling clothing, accessories, oil, hair products and more, discounts are ideal in exchange for an email address.  The Children’s place offers all their first-time customers a $10 off plus free shipping if you purchase for a certain amount of money.

    opt-in example 4


  4. Program Samples

    Samples of your program are perfect for foodies, health and fitness coaches.  Offering a FREE 30-day cleanse or detox sounds tempting, but it is counterproductive.  People love instant gratification; you want to provide them with a small victory to persuade them that they need your program. If they can do 3, 5 or 7 days, they’ll have more confidence in themselves, you and your program to pay for the full 30-days.  Here’s an example from Simple Green Smoothie

    Opt-in example 5

  5. Quizzes

    A quiz is a very engaging way to interact with future clients.  You can use a tool like Thrive Quiz builder to build the quiz and deliver the quiz results. For the person to get the quiz results, she to provide you with her email address. Kate Northrup uses a Money Love Quiz for potential new customers to identify their relationship with money
    opt-in example 6


The common denominator with all six examples is that they relate to a product that is offered. The visitor listens to the audio training, downloads the guide, gets a $10 discount, tries a meal plan for 7 days, and finds out her relationship with money with zero strings attached.  These opt-ins solved a specific problem in exchange for an email address.  It is that simple.

REMEMBER: Your opt-in doesn’t need to take weeks to create, it doesn’t need to be 30 pages long, or take 30-days for anyone to consume. It needs to solve one problem with a specific solution for one particular person. The key is to start with identifying this person.


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